A bit about me

Kamil Ghais

I was born somewhere in East Bohemia, about 12 years before the Velvet Revolution. When I was about 2 years old, I accidentally pressed the camera button with my foot and my parents won the first prize in a local photography contest. This definitely led me to photography. I was hanging around for a couple of years with my analog Praktika and Canon 500 until the digital technology emerged. I realized that all the effort to find the right composition and exposure can be easily overcharged by taking thousands of photos per hour and choosing the right one. That's why I took a break for about ten years. How I was wrong.. The people got only tired of quantity of photographs and the quality suffered. The world needs photographers, not only the button pushers. I started to be interested again in photography about 5 years ago. For two years I was travelling with a small Lumix camera but I realized that it is simply not enough. That's when the Canon 5D MII appeared in my hands and about 97% of photographies here are made with this beautiful yet heavy piece of metal.

I try to combine travelling and landscape fine art photography. This involved passing through an unknown terrain often during the dark which scares me a lot but also became sort of a drug. Landscape photography is amazing in one point of view: you cannot plan it or make it. All you have to do is to stand ready with your best equipment and knowledge in the right place at the right time. I use Canon camera, own about 4 lenses and of course some necessary stuff around.

I hope that you enjoy my photographs as much as I have enjoyed taking them and wish you the best in your own outdoor adventures. If you feel like telling me how you like the pages or making a purchase, just write me to kamil.ghais@gmail.com. This site has no support for such advanced operations.

Last but not least I would like to link few sites of photographers that I like the most.